Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new series of smartphones Civi

The Chinese company Xiaomi, which recently decided to abandon the Mi prefix in the names of its mobile devices, is preparing to launch a new series of smartphones. Its launch will take place at the end of September.

Xiaomi today announced the upcoming launch of a new series of smartphones called Civi. The event is scheduled for next Monday, September 27th. It will take place in China at 14:00 local time. How many smartphone models will be included in the new Xiaomi Civi line and what characteristics they will have, the company does not say. But Xiaomi is positioning the new line as focused on self-confident young and active users. New smartphones Xiaomi Civi, according to the manufacturer, will be distinguished by fashionable stylish design and innovative technologies, including in terms of cameras.

According to rumors, the Xiaomi Civi series will replace the current Xiaomi CC line. There are still five days before the announcement of the new series and we hope that during this time we will be able to learn more about the new smartphones.