Xiaomi has released a smart door lock with facial recognition

The Chinese company Xiaomi manufactures a wide range of electronics and the matter is not limited to mobile devices alone. Xiaomi is also known as one of the leading manufacturers of smart home devices. And recently, its range has been replenished with a new smart door lock with a function that is still widely used only in smartphones. Yes, we are talking about a face recognition system.

The new door lock of the Chinese brand is called Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X. It is equipped with a 3D face recognition system, which consists of a point projector, infrared illumination, RGB camera, light sensor, proximity sensor and IR camera. According to Xiaomi, the door with the smart lock installed will automatically open as soon as the system recognizes the owner by the face.

In addition to face unlocking, the new Xiaomi smart lock supports seven other opening methods, including password, NFC or fingerprint. It is noted that the door will be automatically locked as soon as you close it, and if an unknown person is at the door, the system will warn you about it.

The new Xiaomi smart door lock is powered by a 6250mAh battery. True, the manufacturer does not specify how long its charge will last, and therefore how often it needs to be charged.

It should be noted that Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X is compatible not only with the proprietary Xiaomi Mijia application, but also with Apple’s HomeKit service. In the application, you can not only customize the door lock, but also control who opened your door and when. This is possible thanks to the built-in camera, which takes a photo of everyone who used the door.

The cost of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X has not yet been announced. It is only reported that the new smart lock will be available for pre-order starting next Tuesday, October 12.