What to Look for When Buying a Used iPhone Handheld: Five Good Tips

Yesterday we talked about how you can save money on buying an iPhone. If you want to buy an iPhone and not go broke, you can choose a model from previous generations, wait for a promotion from a retailer, or buy a used smartphone. Buying a used iPhone is a risky business, but in a good scenario, you can save a tidy sum and get the device you want in good condition. What to look for when buying a used iPhone in order to minimize risks, we will tell in a new article.

When it comes to buying used electronics, it is not as easy as choosing a new device after reading the description and comparing specifications. Therefore, it may seem that buying a used iPhone is like playing Russian roulette. But in fact, by following our advice, you can make a successful purchase.

Before buying a used iPhone, ask the seller to show documents confirming the purchase of the smartphone in the store. So you will save yourself from the so-called second-hand dealers and will be able to find out when the smartphone was purchased, how long it was in use and whether the warranty expired. If the seller is unable to provide a receipt and confirm the ownership of the iPhone, then we advise you to abandon the purchase. Yes, some devices can remain in good condition after several owners, but the risk of breakage is higher.

To check if the real characteristics of the iPhone correspond to those stated by the seller, it is enough to find out the IMEI number of the smartphone. To do this, go to «Settings», open the «General» section, select «About this device» and on the page that opens, at the very bottom, find the IMEI number. You can also find out the unique device number by dialing * # 06 #. The received IMEI number can be checked on the IMEI.info website, where you will receive all information about the device — from the country for which it was issued to the technical specifications.

In addition to the IMEI number, Apple assigns individual serial numbers to all of its devices. You can find out the number in the same settings as the IMEI. By the serial number, you can get important information about when and where the iPhone was produced and check the smartphone on the official Apple website.

Ask the seller if they have repaired the iPhone they sell, and if so, where. If the repair was carried out at an unauthorized service center, then it is highly likely that the service employees used fake parts. Non-original parts, for example, the same display, affect not only the visual perception of the smartphone, but also its overall performance.

If the documents and numbers of the iPhone are in order, then the next step should be to check the functionality of the smartphone. Check if all physical keys and iPhone touchscreen are working. Press each key on the iPhone, paying attention to the smartphone’s response. Then test how your smartphone display responds to basic gestures such as swipe, tap, and zoom. If you’re buying an older iPhone with a Home button and Touch ID fingerprint reader, check them out as well.

If the screen is in order, then check the operation of the cameras and speakers, because they are one of the main indicators of whether the iPhone has had contact with water or, in other words, whether there is a drowned person in front of you. To ensure that the speaker is working, turn the iPhone sound to maximum and call or send a message to the smartphone to see if there is any interference or noise. Also check if vibration works. Then take a couple of frames and record a video on the front and main cameras of the iPhone — the image should be clear.

Also, when buying a used iPhone, remember that smartphones, especially older models, often have problems with open ports as they are exposed to dust and moisture. To test their performance, connect the charger to the Lightning port, and headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack, if there is one, of course.

Finally, it is worth checking the condition of the battery, especially since, thanks to Apple’s efforts, it will not be difficult to do this. The battery is one of the main components of the iPhone and it is he who most often fails. You can check the level of battery wear in the settings menu. To do this, go to «Settings» — «Battery» — «Battery status». If the maximum battery capacity of the iPhone that you want to buy hand-held is below 80%, then you may need to replace it, since a smartphone with a worn-out battery not only discharges faster, but also works slower.

If the used iPhone has passed all these checks perfectly, then we recommend it for purchase. But if at least one moment aroused suspicion in you, then you should refuse to purchase. As an alternative to used iPhones, we suggest considering refurbished phones. iPhones marked «Refurbished» can be purchased from Apple to ensure that the device has been thoroughly tested and verified before you get your hands on it. What are refurbished iPhones? These are smartphones that, for one reason or another, were returned to Apple by previous owners and then underwent a restoration procedure, within which the company replaced the components requiring repair, if any, and also replaced them with a new battery and case. Refurbished iPhones, like new iPhones, come with Apple’s standard one-year warranty, and refurbished iPhones are much cheaper.