Toyota will help Apple in the release of electric vehicle

Rumors that Apple shows an active interest in the automotive market and even prepares its first electric vehicle for the exit, not the first year. With the new force, the potential Apple Car began to discuss at the end of last year, when information appeared in the media that Apple discusses the possible cooperation with the Korean auto giant Hyundai and his «daughter» Kia. But negotiations were not crowned with success and Apple began looking for a new partner. As potential Apple partners that could help her in creating the first electric vehicle, called several automakers, including Nissan and Honda. And now the network has information that the largest Japanese automaker, known throughout the world, appeared on the network. Yes, yes, we are talking about Toyota.

According to the Taiwanese sectoral edition of DigiTimes, with reference to its own familiar sources, Apple is considering the possibility of concluding a deal with the Japanese company Toyota. It is Toyota who will help Apple on the launch of Apple Car, the start of which is scheduled for 2024. It is noted that the management of the «apple» company recently met with South Korean companies SK Group and LG Electronics and during the negotiations came to the conclusion that Toyota will become the best partner for accessing the car market. There were no more details regarding the potential transaction insiders to disclose.

According to rumors, Apple has long launches plans to enter the automotive market with its own car with an electric motor and an unmanned control system. However, for this she needs a partner who has experience in the production of cars, knows the market from the inside and has access to the entire supply chain. However, automakers are afraid to cooperate with Apple, because they do not want to lose their own identity and years accumulated name, turning into essence in one of the Apple contractors, by analogy with Foxconn, the contract manufacturer of the iPhone. That is, if you believe the sources, it was the reason for the broken transaction between Apple and Hyundai with KIA.