Telegram will introduce a paid subscription to disable ads

At the end of October, the popular Telegram messenger announced the launch of an advertising platform. Now Telegram channels have built-in ads. But not all users reacted positively to this innovation. And especially for those who do not want to see advertisements in Telegram, Pavel Durov’s service is considering the possibility of disabling advertisements.

As the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, stated in his channel, he, together with the messenger team, plans to launch a new function to disable the display of ads. This is a kind of Telegram’s response to the suggestion of users to add the ability to completely disable ads. Moreover, both ordinary users and owners of Telegram channels can turn off the display of ads.

He noted that channel authors will also be able to disable the display of official advertisements for their users. According to Pavel Durov, some owners of Telegram channels would also like to disable advertising in their communities. At the moment, the company is calculating the economic conditions for this option. In the future, advertisers will be able to place some kind of “invisible” advertisement in the Telegram channel, which, given a sufficient display cost, will lead to the absence of other official advertising in the specified channel.

By the way, speaking about the launch of advertising on Telegram, Pavel Durov said that most users probably will not even notice the appearance of advertisements. Ads will be displayed at the bottom of the feed with the «sponsored post» tag. Moreover, Telegram promises not to place ads in the list of chats, personal conversations and groups, but only in public channels with more than a thousand subscribers. The advertisements will match the theme of the channel they are posted on to look organic.

By the way, Telegram has strict requirements for advertisers. The minimum budget for launching advertising will be 2 million euros, of which 1 million is a deposit that is not refundable if the advertiser has not spent 10 million euros on advertising on Telegram in the last 12 months. Each thousand impressions will cost the advertiser 2 euros. At the same time, the size of the advertising message is limited to 160 characters and it should not contain clickbait and links to third-party platforms and sites. Advertising of gambling, drugs, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, weapons and any spam is prohibited.