Smartphone supplies will be lower than expected due to global chip deficiency

Everyone who even follows the news of the economy and the world of high technologies, knows that the semiconductor industry is now experiencing not the best times. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic led the global deficiency of chips from which many electronics manufacturers suffer. The lack of components will affect the sales of smartphones. At least, as analysts of the Counterpoint Research research company, which revised to reduce their forecast for smartphones in the second half of 2021, consider analysts.

If initially analysts Counterpoint Research expected that the global supplies of smartphones in the second half of the current year will amount to 1.45 billion units, now reduced their forecast to 1.41 billion. If, by the old forecast, the growth of smartphones in annual terms should be approximately 9%, now analysts expect that in comparison with the second half of 2020 the market will grow no more than 6%.

It is noted that Counterpoint Research analysts decided to reconsider their forecast, since some smartphone manufacturers in the second quarter of 2021 received only 80% of the required number of key components from their suppliers, and someone says that this figure is only 70%. And the supply situation continues to deteriorate, since as long as the shortage of semiconductors persists and the situation is unlikely to improve in the coming months.

Analysts argue that chip deficits raised 90% of the entire industry and influenced the supply of smartphones this year. The smartphones industry was configured to a significant rise after last year’s fall due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as a result, the expectations of the manufacturers were not justified, because they encountered a new problem in the form of a deficit of electronic components.