Smart wearable Huawei devices diverged 80 millionth edition

Yesterday, the Chinese company Huawei conducted a presentation, in which she boasted his success in the wearable electronics market. About Huawei Market Indicators In the segment of smart wearable devices from the scene, the chief operating officer of the consumer direction of HE Gang (He Gang) was told.

He Gangg announced that the total global deliveries of wearable devices under the Huawei brand were overcame of 80 million units, and the company’s branded application for health control and physical activity has 83 million active users a month around the world. He added that Huawei — brand number 1 in China, when it comes to worn on the wrist of smart devices (smart watches and fitness bracelets).

Today, Huawei cooperates with more than 60 research institutions, together with which various medical research holds. The company’s engineers together with scientists study issues related to breathing, work of the heart, the health of blood vessels, sleep and female health to make the brand’s wearable electronics even better and smarter.

Also Huawei decided in the future to divide all its smart wearable devices for five categories: smart technologies, fashion trends, health care, classic universal devices and models for professional use.