Samsung to return 45W fast charging to Galaxy S22 Ultra

South Korean giant Samsung is preparing to launch a new flagship series of smartphones, which will replace the current Galaxy S21 line. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series will include several models, including the top version with the Ultra prefix. One of the main features of the so-called Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be support for fast charging. However, looking ahead, let’s say that you shouldn’t count on the same charging power as the Chinese flagships, which amaze the imagination with 100 and 120 watt chargers.

While the flagships of brands such as Xiaomi and Vivo have a charging capacity of up to 120W, the charging power of Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is limited to 25W. But next year Samsung will noticeably increase its charging power. According to Chinese insider Ice Universe, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts 45W fast charging support. It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra launched last year also has 45W charging, but this year Samsung decided to cut the charging power for unknown reasons.

However, users who want to charge their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at maximum power will have to separately purchase a 45-watt power adapter. The fact is that from this year, following Apple’s example, Samsung no longer equips its flagships with headphones and chargers. Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships come with a single USB-C cable.