Samsung to double shipments of foldable smartphones in 2022

2021 is not over yet, and the South Korean company Samsung is already making plans for 2022. Samsung plans to sell more smartphones next year than this one. The company is not stopped even by the ongoing global shortage of microcircuits and the coronavirus pandemic.

As it became known to the Korean edition of The Elec from knowledgeable sources, Samsung has already formed a forecast for smartphone sales for next year. The company plans to ship a total of 334 million of its smartphones to the global market during 2022. Of these, 285 million will be produced in-house by Samsung, and 49 million will be issued by contract manufacturers using the outsourcing model.

Insiders point out that next year Samsung will focus on budget models and smartphones with foldable displays. The production of the latter, judging by the forecast, will be doubled. If by the end of 2021 the supply of Samsung folding devices should amount to about 7 million, then in 2022 the brand plans to ship 13 million folding devices. 9 million of them will be for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip clamshells and 4 million for Galaxy Z Fold smartphones that fold out into tablets.

As for the flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S, then their shipments next year will amount to about 54 million units. Most of all Samsung plans to release inexpensive models. They, according to the company’s forecasts, will be sold in 176 million copies. Another 91 million of the planned 334 million will come from mid-range and high-end devices.

It will be a matter of time before Samsung will be able to achieve its intended goal. The company may be hindered by the shortage of chips, which is only increasing, as well as the stagnation of the mobile market.