Samsung Following the TSMC will raise the prices of chips.

Perhaps anyone who even follows the news a little, know that the semiconductor industry is now experiencing not better than the best times. Due to the crisis in the industry, there was a shortage of chips, which felt the manufacturers of cars and video cards first, and then other companies, including from among the manufacturers of smartphones. To satisfy growing demand, chipmeters are needed enormous investment in the expansion of production. And it was the reason for the recent rise in prices for Taiwan semiconductor manufacturer of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). And now the network has information that the TSMC example will follow another manufacturer of chips. We are talking about semiconductor division of the South Korean company Samsung.

According to insiders, Samsung Electronics will raise prices for their semiconductor products. The Korean company is expected to announce an increase in the fourth quarter of the current year. How much it is to rise in price chips produced by Samsung, while it is unknown. But considering that TSMC raised prices by about 20%, it is likely that the products of Korean production are waiting for the same rise in price.

By the way, TSMC and Samsung are not the only firms that decided to raise prices for semiconductors. United Microelectronics Corp (UMC), the third largest semiconductor manufacturer, also plans to increase the cost of its products. Moreover, it is saying that the rise in prices will be phased — first the prices will be corrected in September, then in November and after another next year.

Sources claim that Samsung’s production facilities are so full that the company even transferred to outsourcing to other companies production of some chips for Mobile Galaxy mobile devices. Experts expect the prices for semiconductors will remain high until the main market players will complete the expansion of their production facilities.

It should be noted that the rise in price of semiconductors will affect almost all industries. Experts predict that shortly after that prices will grow almost all the equipment, primarily on processors and video cards. That is why if you planned to assemble a new PC, buy a laptop or smartphone, now it’s time to do it until prices have raised up.