Ritmix height-adjustable table top: a must-have for the office and gamers

What is the most important thing in the workplace? Someone will say that this is a prestigious leather chair with many adjustments, someone — the most modern computer with a large monitor and a powerful processor. And we are in the editorial office

Note that a table with an adjustable tabletop height is not just a stylish and technological element of the workplace. The fact is that being in a sitting position for more than 10 hours a day causes even more harm to the body than smoking. Therefore, doctors recommend periodically getting up and working while standing — this reduces the load on the back and increases mental activity. There are other benefits beyond these criteria. For example, in this position, the metabolism is accelerated. In addition, it is, albeit a small, lifestyle change, especially for those who spend most of their time at the computer. Therefore, if you are looking for an ergonomic desk for the office or at home, at which you can work (or even play) in different positions, you should pay attention to the models

Ritmix TBL-120 and TBL-140 look like regular work tables, but their main feature is the adjustable table top height. The minimum table height is 700 mm and the maximum is 1150 mm. This means that working at the table will be convenient for the widest possible circle of people, both standing and sitting.

A built-in electric motor is responsible for changing the position of the tabletop at Ritmix tables, thanks to which you can adjust the height to suit yourself with millimeter precision. The tabletop moves smoothly up and down at a speed of up to 25 mm per second. In this case, the level of the emitted noise does not exceed 45 dB.

An interesting feature of these tables is the «memory» function, which allows you to save 3 tabletop positions for automatic switching between them. The table will remember the height parameters that are convenient for you, and you can switch between them at the touch of a button during working hours. At the same time, you do not need to remove anything from the table: the mechanism works so smoothly that not a single object will change its position or fall during the movement of the tabletop.

Both office workers and gamers should appreciate the advantages of the Ritmix TBL-120 and TBL-140 tables. And the presence of two colors and two sizes makes these models an excellent solution for those who want to equip a work or play space suitable for the interior at home (and this is now more important than ever, given the massive transition to remote operation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the trend for a healthy lifestyle).

Ritmix tables have a minimalistic design and fit perfectly into any interior. The table top is made of black or white chipboard and stands on metal legs. A feature of the design of the tables is special attention to detail: there is a hook on the leg, on which you can hang a bag, and in the table top itself there is a special hole for wires.

By the way, to assemble a table, you don’t have to look for specialists, because the kit contains everything you need for a comfortable and easy assembly.