Qualcomm: China is the world leader in 5G

The 5G era began two years ago, in 2019. One of the first countries to launch fifth-generation cellular networks on their territory was China. Now it is in China that there are the largest number of 5G towers and the number of users of the new generation of cellular communications. The leadership of China in the implementation of 5G was also recognized by the American chip maker Qualcomm.

The head of Qualcomm China, Meng Pu, held a live broadcast over the weekend, in which he spoke about the development of 5G in the Middle Kingdom. According to him, China became the first country to start issuing licenses to mobile operators for rolling out 5G networks. Two years after the first launch of 5G networks, China has made very good progress in developing a new generation of communications. The three leading mobile operators in China have so far installed about 1 million 5G base stations, and the number of terminal connections in the country now stands at nearly 400 million. The head of Qualcomm China said that this is an outstanding achievement and it will take years for many regions to achieve such indicators.

Meng Pu added that regardless of the number of base stations and the number of users, China is by far the number one 5G development in the world. And it’s hard not to agree with this, because when it comes to introducing 5G, China is clearly ahead of the rest of the world. China alone has more 5G base stations than all of Europe. Today, connection to fifth generation cellular networks is available to residents of many cities in China. Today, 5G networks cover more than 95% of counties and districts and about 35% of cities across the country, according to the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China.