Officially: Samsung canceled the October Presentation Galaxy S21 Fe

Many Samsung fans which a month is waiting for the release of the «folk» version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship. Starting a novelty, known to us as Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe, has changed more than once. At first we expected it to come out in the spring, then the announcement was transferred to August. But at the traditional August presentation, Galaxy Unpacked, we never saw a novelty. Later it became known that Samsung postponed the launch of the heir of last year’s Galaxy S20 FE until October. And now Samsung herself announced the cancellation of the planned presentation.

Official Samsung representatives told Korean media that the company decided to cancel the Galaxy S21 Fe present, which was planned to be held in online format in mid-October. Moreover, now in Samsung, the fate of the very launch of the Galaxy S21 Fe is solved and, most likely, the company «will bury» a smartphone, and without letting it on the market.

It is noted that Samsung has at least two reasons to abandon the launch of Galaxy S21 Fe. The first reason is related to the crisis of the semiconductor industry, which led to a serious shortage of chips. And the second reason lies in high demand for the SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 folding smartphone, which exceeded the company’s expectations. And since the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was to be based on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip as Galaxy Z Flip 3, the company decided to save the processor for a folding smartphone, which is well for sale than for the «popular» flagship, the real demand for which is still unknown.