New airpods have already enrolled in production.

A week ago, Apple conducted a large-scale sepitic presentation, in which he presented a whole wipes of new products — from the flagship series iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch-generation smart watch to the updated inexpensive iPad and the long-awaited new iPad MINI. But new airpods wireless headphones, despite all the rumors, we never saw. However, the announcement of the third generation airpods is not canceled, but simply moved to a later date. Sources from the supply chain referenced by the Taiwanese sectoral portal DigiTimes referred to.

According to DigiTimes, Apple really prepares for the third generation of its branded wireless headphones. The company, together with its partners, has already launched the mass production of Airpods 3. Their announcement should take place until the end of 2021. The specific date of the debut of new TWS headphones under the Apple brand insiders did not voiced. But earlier, information appeared on the network that, in addition to the September event, Apple will hold this autumn two more presentations — one in October and one more in November. It is possible that on one of these events, new headphones will be presented, which will replace Airpods 2.

According to rumors, the third generation airpods will look like Airpods Pro with interchangeable ambules and a shortened leg. They also boast of improved sound and longer autonomous time in comparison with the previous generation Airpods. But it is not worth it for the appearance of an active noise reduction system as a model with the prefix. At the same time, the sources say that Airpods 3 will cost a little more expensive than Airpods 2, which are currently offered at a price of $ 159.