Named smartphones that will receive 125-watt charging

Manufacturers of smartphones are constantly competing with each other who is better than the camera, more displays and faster processors. And with recent brands, the chapping speed race also began. If a couple of years ago, 20-watt charging for many smartphone owners seemed to be the limit of dreams, now no one will not surprise the support of 50- and even 65-watt charging. And some flagship devices can boast quickly charging up to 100 W. And next year, smartphones with a quick charge of 125 watts will appear on the market. All of them will be released by Chinese brands. What exactly the models will receive support for 125-watt charging, our Chinese sources told.

According to insiders, smartphones with a 125-watts charging next year will release at least three Chinese brand. This is oneplus, OPPO and REALME. OPPO prepares for the output of at least three smartphones with super-fast charging — OPPO N, FIND X4 and RENO 8 PRO. At Realme, the support for quick charging with a capacity of 125 W will acquire GT 2 Pro, and oneplus implements such an option in its next Flag of OnePlus 10 Pro.

All of the above devices will appear on the market in the first half of next year. And we will be interested to take a look at the 125-watt charging manifest itself, especially in comparison with the technology of 120-watt charging from Xiaomi, which debuted in Xiaomi 11t Pro and allows you to charge a 5000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in just 21 minutes.