IPad sales increased by 73% thanks to the start of iPad Pro on M1

Apple continues to dominate the global market of tablets, which has opened a second breath against the background of the coronavirus pandemic and the mass transition to the remote. The iPad still remain the most sold tablets in the world, is evidenced by the new report of the research company CANALYS.

The fresh report of CANALYS analysts is concentrated primarily on the supply of tablets to Western Europe, but according to these data, it can be judged about the situation on the global tablet market. After analyzing the supply of tablets to the European market in the second quarter of 2021, experts of an analytical firm found that the sales of the iPad in the region increased by 73% on an annualized basis, that is, in comparison with the same period of 2020. Moreover, most of sales fall on new iPad Pro models based on Apple M1 branded ARM chip. Analysts note that the coronavirus pandemic was on the hand of the American manufacturer. More buyers consider iPad good replacement laptop, especially in the educational sector.

The increase in the supply of tablets in the European market last quarter recorded another manufacturer. This is a Chinese company Lenovo, whose tablets selling 87% compared with last year. This allowed Lenovo to take 20% of the European market. Draft, unlike Apple, the success of Lenovo brought the budget models of tablets that cost much cheaper than the most accessible iPad versions.

All other manufacturers with the exception of Apple and Lenovo collided with a decrease in the supply of their tablets in European countries. At the same time, the total volume of the European market of tablets reached 7.9 million units.

By the way, earlier that Apple maintains leadership in the global PC market, analysts of another research firm, IDC, said. According to them, Apple in the second quarter of 2021 ranked first in the market, Samsung was located in second place, and on the third — Lenovo. The fourth line in the market is occupied by Amazon.