Huawei will release Mate 50, no matter what

The Chinese company Huawei is now experiencing the best times. Due to the strengthening of American sanctions, she literally turned out to be cut from most of its suppliers and production partners. But despite all the problems, she continues to work on new devices and even was able to release a new Huawei P50 flagship series. But the Huawei Mate 50 series we did not see. There were rumors that the company was completely abandoned from the further development of the Huawei Mate line. But today there have been good news for anyone who is waiting for the release of new Huawei Mate smartphones.

Analysts Display Supply Chain Consultants stated that despite American sanctions and supply chain problems, Huawei did not cancel the launch of the flagship series MATE 50. Now the data sources indicate that the company has overcome most restrictions and is actively preparing for the launch of the Mate 50 series, which , as was planned initially, will be held in October 2021. It is possible that the new flagship series makes debut at the special global event of Huawei on October 21 in Vienna, Austria. And in China, new smartphones can be launched even earlier.

Most of the details about the Huawei Mate 50 series are still held in the Security. We hope that detailed information on the technical specifications and features will appear in the near future, as the announcement approaches the announcement, which remains for another month.