Facebook changed its name.

As planned, on Thursday, October 28, Facebook held its Connect presentation, the main theme of which was rebranding. Now the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg is not called Facebook, but Meta.

Rumors that the Facebook corporation will change its name surfaced several weeks before the official event. Now it’s not Facebook, but Meta — in this way the company emphasizes its involvement in the metaverse. Previously, Mark Zuckerberg shared plans to create a metaverse or online world where users can communicate with each other, work and play using virtual reality devices. It should be noted here that only the name of the parent company will change, while the social network itself will continue to be called Meta — this is the parent company that unites Instagram, WhatsApp and Quest in addition to Facebook. And the Oculus division will cease to exist after the rebranding.

By the way, a similar rebranding was carried out by the Internet giant Google six years ago. After the restructuring, its parent company was named Alphabet, uniting, in addition to Google, Waymo, Fitbit, Wing and other brands.