Apple has solved all the problems, but Apple Watch Series 7 will still be delayed for two weeks

Only a few days remain until Apple’s long-awaited autumn presentation, during which the American company will present its new products. In addition to the flagship iPhone 13 series of smartphones, we expect to see the next generation of Apple Watch smartwatches at an event scheduled for next Tuesday September 14th. Recently, it was reported in the media that Apple faced problems with the production of the Apple Watch Series 7, which made the September launch of a new smart accessory questionable. It was reported that due to difficulties, Apple may postpone the start of sales of the seventh generation Apple Watch for several weeks or even postpone the debut of a new smartwatch to a later date. But today, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared the good news.

In his new investor report, Min-Chi Kuo said Apple has solved all the problems with the Apple Watch. But nevertheless, the difficulties that have arisen will affect the timing of the appearance of new smartwatches on sale. According to the analyst, the mass production of the Apple Watch Series 7 will only start in mid-September and it will take some time for the watch to reach store shelves. It is noted that the production of new items will begin two weeks later than originally planned, so it will not go on sale until the end of September.

Rumor has it that the culprit of all the problems is the display of the new type of OLED G6, which has a different cable design. However, the new screen is cheaper and easier to manufacture, and also promises to improve watch longevity, so the delay in the Apple Watch Series 6 could be justified.

Also, the analyst in his new report named the names of the contractors who will be engaged in the assembly of the seventh generation Apple Watch. According to him, about 70% of the order for the production of new smart watches was received by Luxshare. The remaining 30% of the order went to Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn. By the end of the year, Apple and its partners are planning to release 14 to 16 million new smartwatches.