Apple cuts iPhone 13 production due to chip shortages

It’s no secret that the semiconductor industry is going through hard times right now. The global shortage of chips at the moment has affected almost all industries, not just the automotive industry, as at the very beginning. Smartphone manufacturers also suffered. Apple did not stand aside either. According to sources, Apple had to cut production of the flagship iPhone 13 series announced in mid-September.

According to sources, Apple and its partners have faced problems in the production of their products due to a shortage of chips. Allegedly, the semiconductor crisis forced Apple to cut production of iPhone 13 models by 10 million units. If initially the company planned to release about 90 million iPhone 13 units in the fourth quarter of 2021, but now this figure will be less due to the lack of components supplied by Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

Insiders point out that the supply of the iPhone 13 series is already limited. The company even had to extend shipping times for some iPhone 13 models. And that could get worse with the Christmas holiday season.

Experts believe that the global shortage of chips will affect not only iPhones, but also other Apple products. How the shortage will affect the upcoming Apple M1X-based MacBook Pros, which will be announced next Monday, October 18, remains to be seen. But recently, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple would cut its MacBook shipments in half due to a lack of components. Presumably the problems are related to the lack of integrated power management circuits.