Apple Cancels iPad Air with OLED Display

In March of this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that Apple is working on an updated iPad Air with an OLED display and plans to release it next year. However, in a new note to investors, he stated that Apple had canceled its plans.

According to Min-Chi Kuo, Apple canceled the launch of the new iPad Air with an OLED display next year. This is due to the company’s concerns about the quality of the new tablet and its cost. Allegedly, the costs of creating a new iPad Air model do not meet the company’s expectations. Now Apple has decided that instead of an OLED display, the new iPad Air, like its predecessors, will be equipped with an LCD panel. However, the company continues to research and develop new types of displays for the iPad line. So, rumor has it that the next 11-inch iPad Pro will receive a mini-LED display. Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed this information, stating that this model will be in the spotlight in the iPad lineup next year.

By the way, Min-Chi Kuo is not the first to say that Apple has abandoned the move to OLED displays for the iPad. It was reported in the media last week that Apple and Samsung have abandoned joint plans to develop an OLED display for the next 10.9-inch iPad Air.