4 future technologies that will definitely appear in our smartphones

Over the past decade, mobile technologies have stepped far forward. We rapidly switched from the first smartphones like the iPhone 2G and HTC Dream to incredibly powerful smartphones, which with ease can replace PC. And what will happen next? What the future is waiting for the smartphone market and what promising technology will we see? The answer to these questions you will find in our new article. We are in the editorial office of Gadgetpage.ru allocated four promising technologies that are simply obliged to register in our smartphones in the foreseeable future.

3G, 4G, 5G. Obviously, at some point we will turn on 6G? And despite the fact that while the network of 5G is not available to most of the world’s population, not counting the US, China, South Korea and several other countries, manufacturers and operators are already preparing for Ere 6G. The cellular networks of the sixth generation will provide our devices even more stable and fast internet connection. There is an opinion that at work 6G artificial intelligence will be used, which makes technology even more promising. Already today, the interest of 6G is manifests such technologicalities like Nokia, Apple and Samsung.

It is unlikely that someone loves when his actions with a mobile device are limited to the length of the charging cord. Want to roll over to another side on the bed or move with a smartphone 3 meters from the outlet during charging? Alas, it is impossible if you have too short cable. What about wireless charging? Yes, wireless charging really eliminates us from the ill-fated wires, only in the form in which it exists now, you are still limited when using a smartphone, just not a cord, but a charging platform. And wireless, and wired charging today are inconvenient and it remains to hope that the day is not far away when we can charge our smartphones completely wireless (read, contactlessly) in the way.

Agree, each of us was at least once in a situation when you suddenly find out that the battery charge of your smartphone is less than 10%. And what if we say that in the future it will not be a problem, because mobile devices will learn to charge in a matter of minutes. This may become a reality when manufacturers will switch to the use of nanobatars. This is a new type of lithium-ion batteries, which is able to work several times longer than the currently existing types of batteries, is charged in just 10-15 minutes and withstands thousands of charging cycles.

After ESIM technology appeared on the mobile market, the experts spoke to the disappearance of physical SIM cards as a class. In the near future, familiar plastic cards can completely disappear from our everyday life. It is not surprising, given all the advantages of ESIM. After all, users can easily switch between cellular operators and use more than one network simultaneously. With ESIM you will no longer have to go to the salon of the cellular operator or wait a few days to get a new SIM card.

Given how quickly mobile technologies are developing, it is generally difficult to predict how smartphones will look like after 10 years. It is possible that in the next decade, smartphones will exceed our imagination. Already, smartphones have become an integral part of our life and cannot be denyed the fact that they made our lives easier by opening the doors to new features that will change our world for the better. And it can not but rejoice.