Revealed the release date of the final version of Android 12

Internet giant Google continues to work on its new operating system Android 12. Testing of the platform has been going on for several months, but now, finally, we are very close to the final. According to the chief editor of the XDA Developers portal, less than a month is left before the debut of the final version of Android 12.

According to the head of XDA Developers, Google plans to release Android 12 AOSP (Android Open Source Project) as early as October 4th. And since Google often releases public versions of firmware simultaneously with AOSP, it is quite possible that owners of reference Pixel smartphones will be able to receive a software update starting from the above date.

The launch of the next generation of the Pixel series depends on the timing of the release of the final version of Android. Since Google never launches a new Pixel smartphone without a fresh version of Android, it is unlikely that the Pixel 6 line will debut until October 4th. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are only officially unveiled at the end of October.

The owners of Pixel smartphones will be the first, according to tradition, to receive a fresh version of Android. Behind them in line are users of compatible smartphones on a «clean» version of Android, released as part of the Android One project. But the owners of all other smartphones will have to be patient. For them, the release date for Android 12 will depend on the manufacturer that released their smartphone. For example, Samsung has already started adapting its One UI for Android 12. And here it should be noted that unlike most other manufacturers of Android smartphones, Samsung promises its customers three years of OS updates and four years of security updates. This means that Android 12 will sooner or later receive all Samsung-branded models released after 2019.