Intel beware: MediaTek to launch PC processors

These days, California is hosting the MediaTek summit, within which the Taiwanese chipmaker presented its new product — the flagship Dimensity 9000 5G chip, which we talked about earlier. The company also informed the public about its plans for the future. It turns out that having achieved leadership in the mobile market, MediaTek decided not to limit itself to the release of processors for smartphones and tablets. The company now plans to develop chips for Windows computers.

MediaTek executives said that the company plans to launch processors for computers in the next few years, wanting to compete with Intel, AMD and Apple. These will be ARM chips, just like the Apple M-series processors used in recent Mac computers and laptops. The Taiwanese manufacturer did not tell the public about the details of its new project for the production of computer ARM chips.

For the sake of fairness, we note that the computer market is not new for MediaTek. Now the Taiwanese chipmaker is releasing 5G modems for installation in computers based on Intel processors. The company’s product range also includes chips for inexpensive Chromebooks (laptops on the ChromeOS cloud platform).