Huawei will sell its server business due to US sanctions

The Chinese company Huawei is still under sanctions imposed on it by the US government. Due to pressure from the American side, Huawei lost access to most of its suppliers and partners and practically lost its share in the global mobile market. Late last year, it was forced to sell its successful mobile sub-brand Honor to protect it from the pressure of sanctions. Now, it looks like Huawei’s server business is facing the same fate.

According to informed sources cited by Bloomberg, Huawei may sell its division, which is engaged in the development and production of server equipment. Insiders argue that the US sanctions against Huawei have seriously damaged its supply chain and are forcing the company to sell that part of its business.

Huawei already has a customer for its server business. It is reported that the manufacturer will sell it to a consortium of several public and private Chinese companies, as was the case with the Honor sub-brand. The amount of the potential deal and other details are still kept secret. But we hope that new additional information will appear in the near future. Huawei itself has not yet commented on the Bloomberg article, but it must be said that last year it denied the sale of Honor until recently.