Huawei launches eighth phase of HarmonyOS 2 update

The Chinese company Huawei is going through hard times now. But despite all the difficulties, she nevertheless presented her own operating system, HarmonyOS, on the creation of which she worked for the last few years. Moreover, HarmonyOS, which is called an alternative to Android, was so warmly received by the public that the pace of users’ transition to the new operating system exceeded the company’s expectations. In a couple of months, millions of mobile devices under the brands Huawei and Honor have switched to HarmonyOS. So far, Huawei has released an update for seven batches of smartphones. And now I have announced the eighth stage of the update.

As part of the eighth phase of the update, Huawei will release HarmonyOS 2 for six more models of its devices — two Huawei smartphones and four Honor smartphones. These are Huawei Nova 3i, Huawei Nova 2s, Honor 9, Honor V9, Honor Play and Honor Note 10. It is reported that the update for these devices is in the final stages of beta testing.

It should be noted that while HarmonyOS 2 is available only for Chinese users and the release of an update for the global market is not yet discussed. Now Huawei is busy developing a proprietary firmware EMUI 12 based on Android for users around the world, and, therefore, HarmonyOS 2 is not yet ready to leave the borders of the Celestial Empire.

As a reminder, today HarmonyOS 2 has over 400 service and service partners and over 1,700 equipment partners. There are at least 1.3 million developers working on the HarmonyOS ecosystem. And the management of Huawei claims that the results shown by the proprietary operating system exceed all the company’s expectations. Huawei plans to bring more than 300 million users to HarmonyOS 2 by the end of the year. It should be noted here that the company is positioning HarmonyOS as a universal cross-platform operating system that can be installed not only on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but also on cars and smart home devices.