20 million in two days?

Huawei has a lot to be proud of. The audience of users of its proprietary operating system HarmonyOS 2, which was developed as an alternative to Android, is very close to 100 million. The company announced this today, September 2.

Just a few days ago, we, citing data from insiders, said that more than 70 million users have switched to HarmonyOS 2. And the official figures were even higher. According to Huawei, HarmonyOS 2 now has over 90 million users. Moreover, at the moment the new operating system is available for more than 90 models of Huawei and HONOR mobile devices. And there is no doubt that the HarmonyOS user audience will surpass the 100 million mark in the near future.

Previously, Huawei shared its plans for the pace of adoption of HarmonyOS 2. The Chinese company expects more than 300 million devices to migrate to its proprietary operating system by the end of 2021. Of these, 200 million are devices from Huawei and its former subsidiary HONOR, which has spun off into an independent brand, and 100 million are gadgets released by third-party partners. A number of brands are already interested in Huawei’s proprietary software platform, including Midea, a leading appliance manufacturer in China, which launched its first HarmonyOS 2 refrigerator a couple of months ago.

Huawei is positioning HarmonyOS 2 as an open source, versatile, cross-platform operating system that is suitable for a wide range of devices — from smartphones and tablets to home appliances and cars. The manufacturer claims that thanks to the optimization, HarmonyOS is a more powerful and at the same time energy efficient operating system than Android. Optimization at the lower level improved OS performance by 42% while reducing power consumption.